Science on Tap: The World of Sharks

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 from 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 from 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm
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Sharks are iconic and misunderstood species with a long evolutionary history. There are over 500 living shark species, all with unique adaptations, that have radiated into nearly every aquatic habitat. There is tremendous diversity in shark species life histories, reproductive modes, habitat use, sensory biology, ecology, and behavior. Sharks are under global threat from human interference and over 30% are at risk for extinction. Today, research and conservation efforts are targeting effective ways to protect endangered species. For this talk, Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza will share the story of shark diversification and their fascinating adaptations, as well as aspects of her ongoing conservation and research efforts through the Ocean First Institute.

Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza is passionate about sharing her love of the ocean. She is one of the top shark experts in the world, and her work focuses on the sensory biology and ecological physiology of sharks, skates, and rays. Dr. Mikki is a tireless advocate for sharks and shark habitats. She seeks to to highlight their global population decline and to frame new directions for their conservation. Dr. Mikki strives to bridge the gap between research and public engagement, and she believes that when people are aware, they care, and when they care, they act. Her current position as Executive Director of Ocean First Institute allows her to promote research, conservation, and sustainability. Ocean First Institute also supports expeditions and a variety of education initiatives that research students of all ages.
Dr. Mikki speaks, teaches, and conducts research around the world including in South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Her outreach efforts have been covered by the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel's Shark Week, and CBC National Radio Canada. Dr. Mikki holds a Ph.D. in Integrative Biology from Florida Atlantic University and is the author of numerous scientific publications.

Ocean First Institute (OFI) is an ocean conservation nonprofit based out of Boulder and works to protect the ocean through research and education. OFI conducts research on imperiled species, takes youth on research expeditions, and also visits local schools, teaching students about the importance of our ocean and showing individuals how they can be a part of protecting it (no matter where they live). Over the past three years, OFI has reached over 110,000 students with its outreach programs and has inspired students of all ages to become the next generation of ocean advocates.

Science on Tap is a monthly opportunity for science enthusiasts and beer lovers to come together and discover the latest and greatest research in science and technology that is happening right here on the Front Range. Presented by Gunbarrel Brewing Company, local scientists across a variety of disciplines present their work in a fun, informal, and interactive setting while enjoying some of Boulder’s finest craft beers. You can expect plenty of beer to be flowing, a 30-40 minute presentation with intermission followed by discussion and Q&A.
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