Scrubs Geeks Who Drink National Theme Quiz

Thursday, October 17, 2019 from 07:00 pm to 09:30 pm

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Thursday, October 17, 2019 from 07:00 pm to 09:30 pm

Do you like to summarize each day in your dream journal? Are you closer with your best friend then you’ll ever be with your spouse? Do you have an unbridled hatred of Hugh Jackman? On October 17th, come Kelly Ripa the competition at “You Can’t Do This All on Your Own: A Scrubs Quiz!”

This quiz will cover all nine seasons of the show. Yes, even the Med School one. We’ll mostly be sticking to that, although some behind-the-scenes knowledge will probably help during Random Knowledge. Get your scooter gang together, grab a bowl of rice dream, and get to binging!

The quiz is $5 per player and the winners will take home a cash prize big enough to finally stop stealing hospital supplies to get by. Invite Figsack, Wolfman, Chocolate Bear and all the other people you’ve given nicknames, because the more people show up, the bigger the prize. Otherwise general Geeks Who Drink rules apply. You’re limited to 6 total players on your team (people with separate heads and bodies count as one player) and the use of phones, pagers or notes you hide inside the supply closet is strictly prohibited.

Purchase your tickets at

Should I wear a costume?
YES! And there may be a costume contest if there's enough participation, but that's up to the venue and host.

How do you sign up? Where do you buy tickets?
Head on over to to get your team registered and purchase your tickets. Remember: you can add team members, but you can't subtract, so make sure you're signing up for the people you've got.

I didn't buy tickets, can I just show up?
As long as the event isn't sold out, we will accommodate walk-up teams. Please make sure you have $5 in cash for each member of your team.

Will I get some sort of email confirmation?
You should receive an automated email with your team information.

Do I need to bring some kind of printed or digital ticket?
No, your registration is saved in our system and our host will simply confirm with you that the number of players you pre-paid for is correct before the quiz begins.

I can no longer attend/my teammate(s) backed out, can I request a refund?
There are no refunds for theme quiz tickets. In the event Geeks Who Drink or our venue cancels or reschedules a theme quiz, refunds will be made available to those impacted.

My city says "Sold Out"! Now what?
It's unlikely space will open, but you can drop us a response on this form and we'll notify teams if additional space opens up!

How do you change your team name, number of players on the team or cancel a registration?
You should be able to make any of those changes by logging in at and updating your registration there.

Is this a free quiz?
No, it's $5 per person to play and you need to purchase those tickets in advance.

What's the maximum/minimum players per team?
There is no minimum, but if you want to win, you should have a fully staffed squad. We're happy to help you find teammates in advance on social media or on the day of. Team maximum is strictly six players, as always. Everyone sitting with you is considered part of your team.

How do winners get paid?
Winners will be paid via PayPal through the email of the player who initially purchased their tickets.

Do spectators have to pay?
Yes. Yes, they do. Spectators generally have to pay for sporting events, right? This also goes for Geeks Who Drink employees that aren't working at the event and the people they make love to.

Can my dad/girlfriend/friend sit at our table and not play?
No. Six people max on a team and all players must pay. If they're sitting with you and not playing, we're going to ask that they move.

How is the prize amount determined?
In most cases, the prize amount is 50% of the total take. Why not 100%? Because we have to cover our costs of producing and marketing these event quizzes. If the pot is sufficiently large, we'll split it between first and second or first, second and third place.

Will BLANK TOPIC be covered?
Everything is fair game. Study hard. Apply yourself. And we never give clues.

How long will the quiz last?
Our regular quizzes run about 2 hours, but themed quizzes require a bit more heavy lifting in terms of logistics, scoring and extra stuff we may have planned. Average is about 2 1/2 hours.

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